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Flounder Fishing Orange Beach ALFlounder

Red Drum Fishing Orange Beach ALRedfish


Spanish Mackerel Fishing Orange Beach ALSpanish Mackerel

The best and most productive inshore fishing trips along  Alabama’s Gulf Coast is for Flounder, Speckled Trout, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel,  Black Snapper and Kingfish.  These three species of fish are abundant all year long.   Our inshore guide services emphasize catching these species because they are the ultimate back bay/inshore fishing experience using light tackle gear.   There are other species of fish you can catch too.  We catch Black Drum, Pompano and Tripletail, but only during specific times of the year.  

Whether you have never cast a reel, or you are an experienced saltwater angler visiting the Orange Beach area, we can taylor an amazing inshore fishing trip just for you and your party. 

Flounder The Gulf Flounder, Paralichthys albigutta, is a member of the Sand Flounder or Paralichthyidae Family, that is also known as the Summer Flounder. The Gulf Flounder is a flatfish that has an elongated oval bodies with a depth that is 36% to 42% of standard length. They vary in color to match their substrate, however, most are chocolate brown. They have numerous splotches and spots on their upper body surface with three prominent ocellated spots forming a triangle: two located posteriorly of the pectoral fins and one found inside the base of the caudal fin on the lateral line. Their fins match their body color. Their blind side is off-white. Their eye are on the left side.

Redfish The Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, is a member of the Croaker or Sciaenidae Family, this is also known as the Redfish and in Mexico as corvineta ocelada. The Red Drum has an elongated body with a slightly arched back, a sloping head, and horizontal lower profile. They vary in color from black, copper, or silver dorsally, and transition to silvery-white ventrally. They have a distinguishing large black spot on the upper part of the tail base. Note that some fish can have more than one spot. Their head has an overhanging blunt snout and a large horizontal sub-terminal mouth that has simple teeth set in bands.

These fish offer a great fight year-round and are a local favorite!

Speckled Trout are a hard-fighting but delicious species beloved by anglers, an incredibly popular gamefish in brackish and salt waters along much of the Gulf and Southeastern U.S. coastline.

Fun to catch, these fish travel in schools, moving from salt water to coastal marshes throughout the year and providing anglers a myriad of locations to fish for them.

Spanish Mackerel  are among the smaller species in the Mackerel family. They are fast swimming and have extremely sharp teeth. Although most are smaller in size, they offer a strong fight and taste delicious! 

King Mackerel (Kingfish) is a migratory species of the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. These fish migrate into our area when the water temperatures warm up late spring/early summer. Kingfish are extremely hard fighting fish, and when not too big, offer good table fare. Best served fried or smoked.

Mangrove Snapper (Black Snapper) is a species native to the western Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, and the Carribean Sea. They are found in a wide variety of habitats, including brackish and fresh waters, and even in deeper depths of salt water. These beautiful fish provide excellent table fare for anyone who enjoys fresh seafood.

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